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Wonder Woman is a flashback film that centers on Diana Prince's introduction to the world during WWI. Based upon everything that we have seen from the trailers, it opens on her training to becoming the most highly skilled Amazon warrior (and best fighter in the DC universe) until Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash lands on her home island of Themyscira. Upon learning of the horrors of WWI, Diana chooses to leave her home and embark on an adventure to save the world from destruction. The WWI setting is of particular importance, as it indicates the fact that Wonder Woman's arch nemesis Ares (a being who feeds on conflict) is pulling strings behind the scenes to plunge the world into complete and utter chaos.

Ahhhh I hope the rant made you feel a little better? I think there are times when we all get a bit frustrated with parts of the books, or characters. As for Frank’s character, how Diana wrote him and whether he’s such a worthless ass… First of all, I give Diana some leeway on his character development in the first book, I giver her leeway on all of the character development in that first book. It was her first attempt at a novel of any kind, and for a first attempt, she took on a huge project- combining all of the genres that she did! I admit willingly that I did not care all that much for the first book- but she did give me enough mystery in it to keep me interested in picking up the second one! As her novels have progressed, so has her writing and her in depth character development- I for one appreciate that aspect of the series. None of these characters are one or even two sided representations. Each one is full of so many layers, good and bad, with all of their flaws. So, if Frank was such an ass for cheating on Claire, what does that make Claire for staying with him all of those years knowing full well that she didn’t love him? Frank spent all of those years with her knowing the same thing, that she didn’t love him, that he would never live up to or compare to her highland warrior, Jamie. Yet, they both stayed in the marriage for the sake of Bree because they both loved Bree. Did he rub the affairs in her face, was he blatant and uncaring about it- no he didn’t, and he did not throw it all up in her face. They had for the most part, a loveless marriage of convenience and for the best interests of a child they both cared about. As to what his reasons were for taking Bree away, by the last book, we are aware that Frank knew more about what was going on than he could or would say. Frank knew that Bree could be in some grave danger if some people realized who she was. I think perhaps, Frank intended and planned for some time to tell Bree the truth or at least leave enough information so she could find it. I think he knew too that Claire and Bree would go back and he made sure that they were prepared to survive. I don’t see Frank as good or bad in any of this. If you base your entire dislike and hatred of him on his cheating, and his angry outburst of his intent to take Bree away, you are missing all of the other layers of the man that Diana has provided over the series.

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