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I’m home recovering after being admitted for acute choleycystitis & reading about this flush. My concern is that I was told to keep my gallbladder issue calm I must not eat any fat or oils (including olive oil) at least until my follow-up with the surgeon (who thankfully is booked for the next 3 months so I have time to do this flush!!!). My concern is that if I drink the olive oil, I will go back into painful attack again. Can you please explain why drinking oil (fat) will not cause me to relapse instead. Thank you! (I also have calcium oxalate kidney stones so I cannot drink carrot juice due to high oxalate. Apple juice isn’t great either. Is grapefruit juice a possible alternative as that is oxalate-free) Tks!

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Body builder pills

body builder pills


body builder pillsbody builder pillsbody builder pillsbody builder pillsbody builder pills