Bol u grlu 7 dana

Rezervacija: Rezervacija apartmana je potvrdena nakon uplate 25% cijene aranžmana (minimalno 100€) na naš racun. U slučaju da otkažete najam najmanje 60 dana prije dolaska depozit vraćamo u cijelosti bez obzira na razlog otkaza. Za otkaz unutar 30-60 dana prije dolaska vracamo 50% avansa, a unutar 30 dana od dolaska trebate nam javiti čim prije da ne možete doći i ako iznajmimo apartman vracamo Vam depozit. Što nam prije javite lakše ćemo iznajmiti apartman drugim gostima. Ostatak cijene najma moguće je uplatiti samo u gotovini i to unutar 24 sata od dolaska u apartman i u ukupnoj cijeni dogovorenoj prilikom rezervacije smještaja.

The band promoted the album on a large Yugoslav tour, with 59 concerts. [8] The beginning of the tour featured two concerts in Belgrade's Pionir Hall , with about 5,000 spectators per concert. [8] The first concert was marked by an incident: the Hall's manager refused to turn of the lights in the Hall, fearing that the audience could "demolish the parquetry". [8] The opening band, Papatra (which featured Miroslav Cvetković), performed under the lights switched on, but Đorđević refused to go out on the stage until the light are turned off. [8] The efforts of the band, the Hall's management and the police to reach an agreement lasted for about an hour, and there was a danger from the angry audience's reactions, but, eventually, the management was persuaded to turn the lights off. [8] At the end of June, they headlined a concert in Zagreb, which was organized by the newspaper Vjesnik and featured the most popular Yugoslav bands at the time. [8] At that time, Aleksić got married so, for several concerts, he was once again replaced by Cvetković. [8] During the tour, the band performed in Belgrade once again, on Kalemegdan . The concert featured guest appearance by Gillan bass guitarist John McCoy , who would produce the band's following album, on the cover of ZZ Top song " Tush ". [9] The concert featured about 10,000 spectators, and was, despite the fact that some of them got injured, praised by the press. [8]

Bol u grlu 7 dana

bol u grlu 7 dana


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