Dballs side effects

It’s normal I’m on week 4 and the chest pain is minor but a little scary it started a couple days ago and weird heart beats so I got a heart check up doc said my heart is doing good no signs of anything and I’ve had blood work done all good I guess it’s just side effects the heart is working pumping bad stuff out when I quit I could not sleep or eat that went away 2 weeks later it’s like I had the flu and stomach bug right now I feel good but I’ll be better when my chest pain completely hose away keep up the good work you don’t need a cigarette is all a trick to kill us young people faster I’ve quit cold turkey and made my girlfriend quit as well so if we both can do it then so can you all together we all stand let no let cigarette be the reason we fall.

I've started taking 1/8 tsp in 1 liter of water and sinuses are more clear. I did get a racing heart but stopped it right away with essential oil application. I feel a bit of bone loss is happening in my neck. I know this feeling from when I overly nursed my 1st son to comfort him when he was suffering with undiagnosed thrush which turned systemically into full body eczema. I subsequently got a "hump" in my lower neck/upper back area. Oddly years ago I dealt the same bone loss from taking diatomaceous earth for about a week. I love the borax but can only continue if the ache of loss in this area goes away.

Dballs side effects

d balls side effects


d balls side effectsd balls side effectsd balls side effectsd balls side effectsd balls side effects