Debola daniel

Mo fe kole fun mama mi
Mo fe rale fun baba mi
Aiye ni miami
Maserati fun iyawo mi
Ferrari for soshi
Ferragamo Bugatti
Owo lo dun to yii
Mo fe lowo bi Adenuga
Mo fe fe Esosa
Ngozi penperenpe
All of them for me
Ati Tee baby now
You cannot believe what I have seen with my eyes
Say my people it is a beautiful story (na na na)
See I fought through defeat now I am living a better life
And I’m thankful for the life that I am living (nuh nuh)

Are you serious? Even the marital vows say “Till death do you apart” so what are you saying? Stella became a widow at 26 years old. So you expect her to remain alone for the rest of her life? How many Nigerian men who lost their wives at a young age remain alone without marrying again? If Stella was a man, would you advise her never to be in a relationship again? As a matter of fact, in Nigerian society, widowers (men who lost their wives) actually get pressured by society to remarry. So why should the case be different for widows (women who lost their husbands)? I just don’t know why many Nigerians are so hateful and partial towards women. Its terrible.

Debola daniel

debola daniel


debola danieldebola danieldebola danieldebola danieldebola daniel