Diana ball steroids side effects

I have a dachshund/beagle mix and I woke up this AM and her entire face was swollen as well as both ears. I gave her Benadryl and the swelling around her eyes seems to have gone away. Her cheeks and under her chin are still swollen, as well as her ears ( maybe slightly less with the ears) and she keeps shaking her head. I gave her another Benadryl this afternoon, maybe an hour ago. I'm assuming it's some sort of reaction to who knows what kind of insect/spider, but is her shaking her head a lot and swollen ears of any significance?

Hello, i thought i would let you know what happened to my Slinky Malinki. I took him back to my vet this morning and after putting special drops into his eye nearly his entire eyeball went green indicating that he has a huge corneal ulcer, probably about 80%. It must have been quite a blow to his eye and not a sting as i had originally thought. He is going to be put under GA this morning and they are going to hopefully stitch his nictitating membrane to protect the eye but that looks friable as well. I will have to put ointment in twice a day and the vet is also going to take blood to make it into a serum so that when the stitches come out i put that in to bathe and give nutrients to the eye. I cant
tell you how upset i am and i have been crying all morning, he is a feral that has taken me 18 months to domesticate and already he is starting to mistrust me and run away when i come near him. He also has the most beautiful green eyes and he looks like a silver spotted Bengal. Thank you again for your advise. Sue

Diana ball steroids side effects

diana ball steroids side effects


diana ball steroids side effectsdiana ball steroids side effectsdiana ball steroids side effectsdiana ball steroids side effectsdiana ball steroids side effects