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Oona’s maternal grandmother was Oona O’Neill, an actress (the daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill [Eugene Gladstone O’Neill] and writer Agnes Boulton). Oona’s grandmother Oona O’Neill was born in Warwick Parish, Bermuda. Eugene was born in New York City, New York, the son of actor James O’Neill, who was born in Kilkenny, Ireland, and of Ella O’Neill (born Mary Ellen Quinlan), who was born in New Haven, Connecticut, to Irish parents, Thomas Joseph Quinlan and Bridget Lundigan. Oona’s great-grandmother Agnes was born in London, the daughter of Edward William Boulton, an artist, who was American, of English and Scottish descent, and of Cecil/Cecille Maud/Maude Williams.

i find it funny how you’re so defensive about english people with extremely dark features being “med stock” and usually when it’s about dark features it’s not hazel light brown eyes and brown hair like lily allen, it’s very dark brown eyes and dark brown hair which is according to you not uncommon in the british isles. English blood is predominately germanic and celtic and dark traits are not native to either of those people, those who chose to debate celtics had dark features are mistaken as if they did then majority of the british isles would have dark features not light features, fair enough you will get brits with dark hair and/or brown eyes but when germanic or celtic people have very dark brown eyes like this chap it does raise questions of their complete ancestry, you can’t keep using the excuse of the “med phenotype” because guess what? Mediterraneans can have light hair, light eyes and fair skin, look at this woman who’s predominately Italian with slight english blood

Diana bolocco

diana bolocco


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