Diana lol portrait

The last painting Raphael did was The Transfiguration in 1520. He died April 6, 1520. His death was caused by a long night of excessive sex with his mistress, and he fell into a fever. He was given the wrong cure by his doctors, and he died. He was 37 years old. Raphael’s funeral was extremely grand, and he is interred at the Pantheon. On his sarcophagus, it says, “Here lies that famous Raphael by whom nature feared to be conquered while he lived, and when he was dying, feared herself to die.” Post-mortem, Vassari wrote a biography for Raphael, and said that he was, “So gentle and charitable that even the animals loved him.”

Sheeit. Why you wanna go there man? Why do I wanta go there? Because they give blue chip stamps with the dope. You know something Harry? You is simple minded. You shouldn’t fuck aroun when you talkin about somethin serious like dope man. Aspecially when you be talkin about mah dope. Yours I’m not carin about. Just mine. And whats so great about the dope here? O man, what you mean? Theys just as many connections right here as there. We could even try somebody new. New? Yeah baby. We could jus ease on down the street and see who have the most fingers up their nose and noddin out an we know where the good dope be, ah mean the outta sight jim. An anyways, we save the cab fare. Cab fare? Who died and left you rich? This moneys goin for dope man. It aint goin for no cab. Ya gotta take care a necessities before ya fuck with luxuries.

The photographer downloaded all the pictures in front of me and we went through each and every picture to determine which ones I liked on a LARGE Apple monitor. They edited the pictures in front of me too. The pictures were printed out in just a few minutes. [I’m] so pleased, very thrilled, and I want to scream from the roof-top how wonderful this place and the people are! It is family-owned and operated. In this day and age, it’s hard to find individuals that care and aim to please! Highly recommend this family and studio! :)”

Diana lol portrait

diana lol portrait


diana lol portraitdiana lol portraitdiana lol portraitdiana lol portraitdiana lol portrait