Dianabol crazy mass

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Every steroid has its own side effects but recommended dosages and precautionary measures along with prescribed dosages of supplementary medicine or products can prevent those undesirable effects. Dianabol is no exception but is considered as one of the best steroid amongst the bulking stack. So one can try it with doctor’s consultation and observe the results. So it’s your own discretion depending on your physical health conditions that counts, even though the anabolic agent has proved its worth in the past and offer results to other users.

The major issues with steroidal products, is that they are artificial. Where dianabol pills mimic methandrostenolone, they are a synthetic hormone that the human body was not designed to support. Therefore, there is a multitude of associated side effects with taking dianabol pills, especially for extended periods of time. Such side effects include water retention (which may mask itself as muscle growth), gynecomastia, high blood pressure, testosterone suppression and testicular atrophy. Where the manufacturers say that you can mitigate these effects by consuming dianabol pills in cycles, 2 months on followed by a week and a half off, it doesn’t guarantee avoidance of side effects. Therefore consumption of dianabol pills is a risky business.

Dianabol crazy mass

dianabol crazy mass


dianabol crazy massdianabol crazy massdianabol crazy massdianabol crazy massdianabol crazy mass