Dinobot discord

After the Ark crashed into the Earth, Grimlock, Snarl and two others remained active and were reformatted to resemble dinosaurs, the planet's dominant lifeforms. Unfortunately the reformatting was a little too thorough and they were left acting like real dinosaurs as well. Rendered inactive by a meteorite strike, they lay dormant beneath what became modern-day Brazil until Grimlock and Snarl were inadvertently awoken by developers from a logging company. Optimus Prime , Jazz and Blaze travelled there to investigate but were ambushed by the Decepticons and Soundwave trapped the Dinobots in a plasma net . Unfortunately for him, the net caused a negative ion feedback which triggered their Transformer circuitry and restored their personalities along with their robot modes . Grimlock and Snarl sent the Decepticons packing but remained in Brazil to look for their missing comrades rather than return to the Ark with the Autobots. The Dinobots!

If the Autobots choose to use Windcharger's abilities against the Dinobots, the outcome of the Dinobots' and the rest of the Autobots' confrontation has two possible outcomes. If Windcharger uses his magnetic powers too close to the Dinobots, the powerful magnetic field sends Snarl and the other Dinobots into convulsions before killing them. If Windcharger decides to use his magnetic powers from a greater distance, the Cerebro-shells are harmlessly extracted from the Dinobots. Later, Snarl is celebrating with the Autobots when Grimlock recalls Bombshell announcing that controlling the Dinobots was only a part of the Insecticon's plan.

At some point, he was recruited by Shokaract in his bid for godhood, and became one of his Heralds . Along with the other 'bots serving under the warlord, Hardhead was sent out into the cosmos to retrieve capsules of Angolmois. All of the heralds returned to Cybertron with capsules in hand as Shokaract made ready for his ascension. The Ascending #3 Shokaract sent Hardhead and his other followers out into the planet's populace to sow chaos and discord, only recalling them to himself when he couldn't be bothered to dispatch some 'bots pestering him. But when they came to their master, the heralds found that Shokaract had disappeared; he had been whisked away into a transwarp netherspace. The group was ambushed by Ravage as they discussed what to do in their master's absence, and Shokaract's schemes were ultimately all undone. The Ascending #4

Dinobot discord

dinobot discord


dinobot discorddinobot discorddinobot discorddinobot discorddinobot discord