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Hi Sir,
I would like to seek your advice on my transfomers Optimus Prime that i purchased back in year 1980s from Japan Habro. I have about 6 units that is unopen in original box in my store yard. All these primes have the BLACKOUT or (C) Hasbro" missing from the back of the this still consider ORIGINAL release? It is not a REISSUE for sure as the copyright infor is longer/full lenght compare to REISSUE copyright infor. Can i call it s special or vintage ORIGINAL release? And what do you all think that how would AFA grade it's identity?Pls advice.. Tq.. I am quite concern about it..

Grimlock helped to sniff out the "dinosaur transform static" that implicated Trypticon in the theft of world monuments. Later in the year, when Galvatron , the new Decepticon leader, had Cybertron infused with function-inverting anti-electrons, a dose of the particles gave Grimlock super-intelligence. For the first time Grimlock identified himself as "I, Grimlock". During a mission to Unicron 's disembodied head, where the Autobots were outmatched by the new Decepticon Terrorcons , Grimlock used components of Unicron's head to construct the Technobots to battle them. Combined as Computron , the Technobots felt they could not match the Terrorcons, until Grimlock transferred his super-intelligence into Computron, reverting to his old self and allowing the Autobots to claim victory.

Dinobots symbol

dinobots symbol


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