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During manufacture, steel fiber performance was tested using the flexural beam test. It was found that the flexural beam test result gives a relatively large scatter compared with the compressive and tensile splitting tests, particularly for the fR1 values. The larger scatter sometimes pulled the estimated characteristic strengths below the required minimum performance target. On the other hand, the cube and splitting strength generally had consistent and above-specified test results. The modified material model was used to reassess the segment joint capacity, and to establish the acceptability of batches of segments based on the characteristic flexural strengths measured from the segment production tests.  From the reassessment results, maximum overburden that those segments were able to withstand was determined. This was to allow AAJV to identify zones along the alignment that those segments could be safely installed, instead of rejecting large quantities of segments.

Durable injection moulded plastic dots for marking car parking bays etc. Can be fixed to asphalt with... Parking Separator A versatile rubber separator suitable for slowing down the speed of vehicles or delineating parking or no-go... Parking Space Protectors Lok-up is a collapsible steel parking and vehicle access barrier that locks in both the up... Vehicle Menu

  • Speed Humps
    • Steel Speed Hump - Standard Duty
    • Steel Speed Humps - Heavy Duty
    • Compliance Speed Hump
    • Rubber Speed Hump
    • Road Spikes
    • Traffic Calming Humps
  • Traffic & Parking Signs
    • Awareness Sign Kits
    • Info-Boards
    • Car Park Signs
  • Wheel Stops
    • Compliance Wheel Stop
    • Rubber Wheel Stop
    • Wheel Stop Signs
    • Truck Stops
  • Bike Bollards & Rails
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    • Holding Rails
    • Bike Rails / Hand Rails
  • Skateboard Deterrents
  • Height Bars
  • Wheel Clamp
  • Traffic Cones & Bollards
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    • Traffic Cones
    • Collapsible Cones
    • Flexible Bollards
    • Vertical Plastic Panel
  • Car Parking
    • Parking Separator
    • Parking Space Protector
    • Vehicle Inspection Mirror
    • Marking Dots
    • Traffic Batons & Wands
    • Tyre Step
    • Kerb Ramps
    • Wheel Chocks
    • Smart Parking Mat
    • Traffic Lane Separators
    • Trolley Ramp
    • Bin Tidy
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Thank you so much for all your assistance with the ordering and delivering of the heritage wire and gates.
We were unable to find anyone in Perth to supply us with this style of fencing and have been very impressed with how easy you made the purchasing for us. Our builder has finished installing the fence using the guidelines available through your website and we are just thrilled with the results.
We have had so many people stopping and commenting on our front fence and new gates – it has become a real talking point in our neighbourhood. We have highly recommended your website and services and excellent follow up.

Dyna bolts brisbane

dyna bolts brisbane


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