Mast e test e cycle

I’ve noticed a crapload of hair growth on my arms, chest and abs and bit on lower back, which I never got before or wanted, damn duo DHT’s doing that lol (shaving chest, stomach duh screw that.) also noticable more acne/red spots because many factors including the hair follicles growing fast, also stress, sleep, diet etc but doing many things to keep it under control so its evening out. Also bit of red spots forming near abs, would shoot myself if acne went there lol should adjust to the DHT’s shortly I read. (Seeing if tan helps to cover them and since beach time soon muscle tone would be nuts now!

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Mast e test e cycle

mast e test e cycle


mast e test e cyclemast e test e cyclemast e test e cyclemast e test e cyclemast e test e cycle