Mast electrical service

Given the terminology explained above, you can see why weatherheads often are called mastheads or service heads. But not all weatherheads mount to masts. Some types are anchored to the wall of a building, and some have a special clamp for securing the service entrance conductors (usually a cable) directly to the weatherhead. In the latter case, there is no mast. Weatherheads for use with masts may be designed to clamp or thread onto the end of the mast pipe. The mast is usually a rigid metal electrical conduit, either rigid metal conduit (type RMC) or intermediate metal conduit (type IMC). Some weatherheads can be used with nonmetallic (usually PVC plastic) pipe. All of these specifics are governed by the local building authority and/or the utility company, and rules vary from location to location.

“The size of the KTP ramps provided a time-savings when it came to disposal of construction materials – both logistically and ergonomically – as garbage bins could be placed at the base of the rear ramp and debris could be safely dumped directly into the bins. It was an economical, smart choice, ideal for a 9-10 story building. We will definitely use the Klimer KTP Transport platform on upcoming projects.” L. Fiore Follow us Our Mission To encourage the dreamers, creators and innovators, to keep tackling the question “What’s possible?” knowing that we can develop the tools they’ll need to help them build their increasingly creative concepts. Privacy Policy Click Here Contact Us Headquarters:
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Mast electrical service

mast electrical service


mast electrical servicemast electrical servicemast electrical servicemast electrical servicemast electrical service