Mast p 100 mg

Thank you Carol! I am so glad I found this post of yours as I am so confused and at a loss for what has happened to me after supplementing for MTHFR…For a bit of history, I recently started visiting a natural doctor after having about 2 years of not feeling like myself/chronic fatigue syndrome. I thought it was a result of unhealthy lifestyle in my early 20s now that I’m in my late 20s. Then I found all the online material on MTHFR mutation and read everything I could find. I was certain I had all the symptoms, but the symptoms are not very specific to this mutation vs other problems such as Thyroid/Adrenal etc. Sure enough, a month ago the blood work came back that I have 677TT (homozygous) and a normal 1298AA. For the last two years I have been religiously almost over supplementing when I didn’t know what was wrong with me, long before I recently found out about MTHFR. I was taking NAC, Glutathione, Milk Thistle blends from NOW/Gaia/Whole Foods, vitamin C, tumeric, SAMe, ALA, etc. The supplements helped a lot with energy, with the exception of SAMe, but the anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue would appear out of nowhere and freak me out because I had no explanation why. I should note, certain supplements like SAMe made my anxiety into mild depression so I stopped taking it. Anyways, now that I know about my gene mutation, I have isolated what I am taking to only active b9/b12. I have gotten my anxiety under control but am so fatigued in the morning, more than normal, and have brain fog all day for the last month I’ve been on methylfolate. I have tried both Dr. Lynch’s brand (800mcg methyl-folate, 1000mcg methyl-b12) and Jarrow (400mcg methyl-folate/1000mcg methyl-b12). I am certain it is making my brain not feel right for about 6 hours after taking it in the morning. Today I went and had a dumb 5-hour-energy shot because I knew it has 30mg of niacin and cheap folic acid. It made me feel so much better and alert. I honestly think I do not need methyl-folate even though I have this mutation, is that possible? Because I am not sure Dr. Lynch’s information is informative for everyone (perhaps just homozygous ones like myself), it can do more harm than good. I honestly think I was better off before just taking the liver assistance/methylation supplements and just knowing I need to avoid cheap folate in high doses and I should skip the methylfolate all together. That is what lead me here…looking for stuff like over/under methylation and histamine. If you have any advise, that would be much appreciated; as you noted, I feel very alone and even my wife thinks I’m crazy. The natural doctor is just recommending heavy methylfolate supplementation…I seriously feel like out of no where, after supplementing the methyl b vitamins, if I have wine or alcohol or any of my normal foods, I am having extreme histamine intolerance/high histamine feeling when I have never had any allergies before!

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Mast p 100 mg

mast p 100 mg


mast p 100 mgmast p 100 mgmast p 100 mgmast p 100 mgmast p 100 mg