Mast prop 200mg/ml

SIS labs Test-E: product quality in terms of dosage has been on point as far as I'm concerned. Have been cruising on 150mg per week for the better part of a year and have made excellent gains. Pinning always smooth with minimal pip.
Fildena 100mg: Absolutely outrageous what these little things can do, probably one of the strongest I've tried. HIGHLY recommended product imo.
Pharma Anastrazole: Another top quality product in Supreme's stock. I usually split these into quaters and take accordingly depending on how much test I'm using. These definitely seem to be high quality compared to others that I've tried.

the product has been grade A quality and have definatly noticed a big change in the gym and appetite as well as alot more energy thru out the day.
i have been using 500mg a week ( susterone 250mg and Nandrolone Decanate 250mg) Along with every workout day 50mg oral Oxymetholone. Every five weeks switching from the susterone to the Cypionate 250mg amps.
ive been using these for about three months and started out pretty light since it had been a while since i had been in the gym and about two weeks into the cycle i really started to increase in the weight i was lifting and have started to get back to a muscular build like i was several years ago and has made a day at work no problem being that i have double the amount of energy i have throught the day all in all i am very pleased with the product quality and its outcome.

Mast prop 200mg/ml

mast prop 200mg/ml


mast prop 200mg/mlmast prop 200mg/ml