Primo ai test di medicina

Henry II solved some problems in the field of justice introducing three important reforms:
- The travelling judges : he sent out judges who gave royal justice travelling round the country and visited each major town every six year. They could control the feudal courts and the lords.
- The Common law : system of justice that was oral and was made up of tradition. It is composed by the law that was administrated during the travel by the judges. That was used everywhere, while in other parts of Europe legal practice was based on the Civil Law of the Roman Empire and on the Canon Law of the Church.
- The trial by jury : this was first applied to cases concerning land, but when the Church sow the folly and impiety of the ordeal, trial by jury was used in criminal cases.
In fact, previously, a typical test was to put a hot iron on the tongue of a man. Whether the mark was still there three days later, the man was guilty.
• He wanted to reduce the power of the Church : he introduced the Constitution of Clarendon, according to which the king had authority in choosing the bishops. This Constitution also ruled that clergymen who committed serious crimes were to be tried by a civil court and not by an ecclesiastical.

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Text describes woman's condition in UK (elsewhere it was even worse ) back at the start of 20th century
Woman could have no property , inherit , and the only works admitted for them were those implying children care (teacher at any level, requirements were not as strict as they are now) or personal care (nurse or elderly caregiver) or else they wer confined at home
they had no vote
some pioneers like Elizabet Blackwell , FLorence nightingale took up "male "jobs and did excellence of them , and another pioneer started the fight to get vote to women
This last named Emma Pankhurst started a political action group , then party which was named "suffregettes " being the english shorthand for both "franchise for election vote " and " consent expressed by vote " termed "suffrage " .
suffrage was granted with restrictions in 1918 and in full parity to men in 1928

Primo ai test di medicina

primo ai test di medicina


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