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The 4004 is part of the MCS-4 family of LSI chips that can be used to build digital computers with varying amounts of memory. The other members of the MCS-4 family are memories and input/output circuits, which are necessary to implement a complete computer. The 4001 is a ROM (read-only memory) with four lines of output; the 4002 is a RAM (random access memory) with four lines of input/output. The 4003 is a static shift register to be used for expanding the I/O lines; ., for keyboard scanning or controlling a printer. [ citation needed ]

Do you have a few motorcycle parts left over from that bike that you customized? We are always getting requests for used Harley Fatboy wheels, fenders and other miscellaneous hard to find parts. Scrape up your leftover stuff, catalog them and list them for sale. They aren't doing you any good lying around the shop getting mixed up with your tools and getting rusty. It would be better to work up a classified, advertise them for sale and free up some space for your next project. And why would you want to hang onto the gear and accessories if you're selling the motorcycle? Why not just sell the saddlebags, luggage, windshield and everything else all at the same time?

Primo cycles contact number

primo cycles contact number


primo cycles contact numberprimo cycles contact numberprimo cycles contact numberprimo cycles contact numberprimo cycles contact number