Provident healthcare partners

My PF number is MH/35679/6—- i haven been sent an chq () dated 17/06/2009 amounting RS. 13049 drawn onstate bank of india malad(w) br. stating chq returned from savings a/c —– (citibank a/c) closed .chq was favouring beenu kurian my madien name.
hence new letter was sent to pf office charkop .kandiivali(w) with foll doc:(a)copy of marriage certificate.(b)copy of bank passbook.(c) copy of pan card.(d)original chq copy & favouring bank details of south indian bank to which chq need to be sent.
kindly request pf office to confirm when will the chq chq be sent to the new mailing to my or will it be credited to my a/ assist waiting for jacob

Many white collar foreigners are provided with health insurance by their employers. If not, local organisations such as NTUC Income have a number of schemes, usually with co-payment terms, for health coverage ( NTUC is the National Trades Union Congress, a non-profit making organisation). The main NTUC Income medical plans used by foreigners (called iMedicare [28] ) are configurable to allow patients to visit primary and secondary health providers, with just their passport and iMedicare card to enjoy immediate, cashless, treatment (or treatment for a very low flat rate, perhaps just $5).

Provident healthcare partners

provident healthcare partners


provident healthcare partnersprovident healthcare partnersprovident healthcare partnersprovident healthcare partnersprovident healthcare partners