Rolex gmt master one

The hype of the new GMT-Master II however, isn’t just about the Pepsi version. There was some buzz about the handsome new “Root Beer” version (price upon request), with a brown and black bezel, in Everose gold on an Oyster bracelet. Everose, Rolex’s proprietary version of Rose Gold with a small amount of platinum, undoubtedly adds a level of bling to this watch for those looking to highlight their GMT-Master ownership. Rolex also debuted a Oystersteel and Everose GMT-Master II Root Beer with an Oyster bracelet ($14,050). But in keeping with the theme of this year’s watch releases, classic icons at even the most traditional luxury watchmaking manufactures were being introduced at more approachable price points , but the GMT-Master II Pepsi took all the fizz.

This, I suspect, is a version of the GMT Master II that "the wider travelling public" is going to enjoy quite a bit, and that it won't start to lose its ruddy allure in the pool, the ocean, or in the hot tub is icing on the cake. The great thing about Rolex's more luxurious watches and the thing that saves them from being mere exercises in conspicuous consumption is really how well they're made – lord knows, the Rainbow Daytona (also in Everose) is a polarizing watch but in person you notice the sheer high quality of its construction at least as much as its gem-set opulence (which given the amount of opulence on display in that watch is saying something). If you're interested in full specs and pricing, hop over to our Introducing story on ref. 126715 CHNR right here , and also, of course, you can get better acquainted with this red-headed siren at .

The bezel insert is the same two-tone ceramic that we saw in 2014 on the white gold GMT-Master. This is in fact a disc of red ceramic which undergoes a chemical treatment to the upper side of one half that turns it blue. Red ceramic (something I think we’re going to be hearing a lot about this year) is challenging to produce if you want to satisfactorily blend richness of colour and durability, and Rolex makes a point of the amount of testing that went into getting it just right. On the wrist, there’s a softness to it, almost a pastel nature. That’s not to say the colour isn’t vivid, but it’s a world apart from the strident colour of the aluminium insert you see at Tudor. 

Rolex gmt master one

rolex gmt master one


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