T'as du bol definition

The UK Carriage of Goods Act 1992 (5) enables the trade minister to make regulations for electronic transactions. As yet, no such regulations have been made, as electronic interchange is already lawful. Electronic "clubs" such as BOLERO [24] have been quite successful, but the maritime trade community is traditional and loath to move away from paper transactions, so progress has been very slow. However, in recent times, it has been proposed that Blockchain technology may be the answer to cover the myriad steps in an export trade transaction, thereby enabling electronic transactions and information transfer that is both speedy and reliable.

binge , fling , frolic , idyll ( also idyl ) , lark , revel , rollick , romp , spree ;

Old English beald (West Saxon), bald (Anglian) "bold, brave, confident, strong," from Proto-Germanic *balthaz (cf. Old High German bald "bold, swift," in names such as Archibald , Leopold , Theobald ; Gothic balþei "boldness;" Old Norse ballr "frightful, dangerous"), perhaps from PIE *bhol-to- suffixed form of *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole ).

Of flavors (coffee, etc.) from 1829. The noun meaning "those who are bold" is from . Old French and Provençal baut "bold," Italian baldo "bold, daring, fearless" are Germanic loan-words.

T'as du bol definition

t'as du bol definition


t'as du bol definitiont'as du bol definition