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has been the leading distributor of Glovesmith Custom baseball and softball gloves since 1995. We've been outfitting ball players around the nation with the best gloves money can buy. Each of our Glovesmith gloves is handcrafted from 100% American steerhide (no vinyl) and comes with a two-year guarantee. Base price is $ for a Glovesmith Custom Select and $ for the Glovesmith Custom Elite . This price includes shipping in the continental . So if you're ready to take your defensive game to a higher level ...

Remember that kid playing second base that took a line drive to the nose because his glove broke? Hopefully that wasn't you. But it could be. Have you replaced your old dry laces this year? Have you even taken the time to clean and condition them? That's right, you need to condition your laces at least once a year. In some climates it is wise to clean and condition baseball glove laces two or three times a year.

Another thing you need to do is to tighten them on a regular basis. Loose glove laces put a lot of extra stress on your glove. Loose glove laces cause pulling in places it was not designed for. Simply tightening those laces will pull your glove fingers and web back into its designed configuration and help it to last much longer.

Dry Laces Break - Causing Game Losing Error at Third

Dry baseball glove laces are one of the biggest culprits of broken laces. Dry laces don't have nearly the same pull strength as a well conditioned lace. When was the last time you oiled up your glove and laces? If your glove laces are dry just go ahead and replace them. Even a good conditioning cream probably won't bring them back to life. Once the lace is allowed to dry from getting wet and muddy they just don't work the same. The fibers of the leather loose their bonds and become weak and brittle. They may look fine but they really aren't. Clean your glove and replace those dried laces soon, before you are that game losing error.

Tball glove

t ball glove


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