T-bolt target/varmint review

Pheasant hunting guns are available in a very wide array of forms and customizations. Some prefer a Benelli Nova, others the classic Remington 870 or the Mossberg 500. The choice is up to the end user. As a general advice, it is highly recommended to pick out a shotgun that feels comfortable and easy to carry around. Any 12 or 20 gauge shotgun should do the job as long as the shells are loaded with the proper shot sizes. Here are a few other good models of shotguns recommended for any avid pheasant hunter: Verona 502LX 20ga, Beretta Silver Pigeon, Benelli Monte 20, Valmet 412 Over/Under with 1 3/8 oz 5's, Browning Citori 20 gauge 3” and the Beretta 391. These are just a few examples offered by our reviewers in order to create a clearer image about what characteristics a good pheasant gun should have.

Today, Berger Bullets continues to grow its operation in Fullerton, California under the ownership of the Sheeks family and the guidance of Walt, Eric, Bryan Litz and David Hamilton. Bryan Litz is an accomplished aeronautics engineer with a lifelong passion for small arms projectiles. He joined the Berger team in 2008. Bryan has written several books on external ballistics and is regarded as the top expert in this field. David is Walt’s grandson and former Production Manager of the Phoenix, Arizona operation. David rejoined the Berger team in 2010 and has taken Berger’s day-to-day production quality standards to new heights. Together, the management group has built a highly trained and skilled team who daily produce the most consistent, Match Grade* rifle bullets in the world and also provide world class service to those who resell and shoot Berger Bullets.

T-bolt target/varmint review

t-bolt target/varmint review


t-bolt target/varmint reviewt-bolt target/varmint reviewt-bolt target/varmint reviewt-bolt target/varmint reviewt-bolt target/varmint review