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If like you mentioned you wanted to use deca test and dbol, the time to use the deca is at the begining. It's not a good drug to end a cycle with due to its extremely long half life and high suppressiveness. That said, it is a drug which is very mild on the system, and running it concurrently with the dbol and test at the begining of the cycle would be ideal. You would run your dbol for the first 3-4 weeks, then switch to winny for a few more weeks, keeping usage of these alkylated steroids to under 8 weeks. Your deca and test should be frontloaded at twice your planned weekly dosage during the first week. Deca should be discontinued at least 4 weeks from the planned end of your cycle. If you can find nandrolone phenylpropionate as opposed to regular nandrolone deconate, this would be much preferred and your deca could be run much closer to the end of the cycle because the phenylpropionate ester has a very short halflife. On this cycle, hcg therapy would be a good idea because of the suppressive nature of deca. Additionally an anti-estrogen such as nolvadex should be available as both test and dbol aromatize. What have you planned for PCT?

I have set this cycle to start off slow, just to make sure that if any side effects are experienced they are well controlled, and slowly working its way up to 80mg a day. This compound with Proviron is not very suppressive so you can comfortably get away with our basic oral only “Clomid/Nolva”. Please make sure you use Milk Thistle throughout the entire cycle and right through PCT, I would extend the use of Milk Thistle for an additional 2 – 4 weeks after your PCT has been completed.

For this cycle you will need the following:

Test primo winstrol kuur

test primo winstrol kuur


test primo winstrol kuurtest primo winstrol kuurtest primo winstrol kuur